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Property Management Solutions

Robert Alan Property Management is committed to your property's needs through operational excellence and dedicated customer service. We understand the challenges of managing a property, especially with the ever-changing Oregon laws and regulations. That's why we make it a priority to always pay attention to the details and continue our education, keeping our customer's adequately informed and their tenants satisfied.

With our cost-effective 8% first-year management fee (2% lower than other property management companies in Oregon), customers enjoy our in-house maintenance team and carpet cleaning company that are readily available at a moment's notice. Below you'll find our extensive list of property management solutions that maximize our customer's property income and minimize the time spent managing their property.

Robert onboarding a tenant

Onboarding & Legality

  • Conduct a rental analysis to help determine the market rental rate of your property.

  • Provide all regulatory real estate disclosures to prospective tenants.

  • Personally conduct the application and screening process, which includes 

    • Eviction History

    • National Criminal Background Checks

    • One-on-One Interview

    • Credit Checks

  • Draft and sign the lease agreement.

  • Provide all required documentation.

Showing House to Customers

Daily Operations

  • Receive marketing calls and internet leads.

  • Personally conduct property showings with prospective tenants.

  • Handle all questions and inquiries with current and prospective tenants.

  • Collect and utilize enhanced security deposits to protect your asset. 

  • Manage and maintain your asset through our maintenance team

RAPM Marketing and advertising photo


  • Schedule and capture marketing photos of your property.

  • Advertise your property on 70+ partner websites, such as:





  • Provide digital and traditional marketing tactics, such as:

    • Print Advertising​

    • Networking

    • Social Media Marketing

    • Search Engine Optimization


Teri Prock

"Robert knows his business, and is very honest and sincere.  He is up to date on the Oregon landlord tenant laws and Fair Housing of Oregon. He will do his best to accommodate your families needs."

Michelle Aguirre

"Great people to work with. Highly recommended. Keep properties nice and updated and very clean."

Gert Garren

"Great company, answered all my questions and concerns, always returned my call. Very friendly and cared about what I wanted in a place. Thank you!"

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