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Looking for the best property management company in Pendleton?

Look no further!

Robert Alan Property Management is a boutique property management company covering all of Umatilla County. With our attention to detail and in-house services, we keep our management fees lower than any other management services in Oregon while keeping our standards high for our tenants and clients.

We know that each client and property is unique, and by keeping our roster small, we can keep our services personal and snappy. We take great pride in the care we offer to property owners and tenants alike.

What Can I Expect From Robert Alan

On top of the outstanding benefits of owning a rental property, such as: creating a passive monthly income stream, having the flexibility to sell at your own pace, diversifying your portfolio, and watching your property value appreciate, working with Robert Alan Property Management comes with its own set of particular benefits.

  • We conduct all showings to prospective tenants, freeing you from all the hassle.

  • We follow a 7-step application process for new tenants, ensuring we have the right tenants in suitable properties.

  • We utilize enhanced security deposits, creating fair housing opportunities for everyone.

  • We handle all of your tenant's questions, concerns, and inquires

  • We have our in-house carpet cleaning and maintenance teams to keep costs low, and the properties are well cared for

  • We deliver itemized expenses and categorized invoices to make taxes easier for you

  • We also offer an 8% first-year management fee (instead of 10%), leaving you with more money in your pocket!

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Our Partners

We are proud to partner with the following organizations to ensure prospective tenants easily find our customers' properties. 

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Give Us A Call...

Whether you're the property owner or the tenant, you can rest easy knowing that we only work with the best of both. We have an easy yet rigorous process to ensure that we all are a good fit for you (and vice versa!) Give us a call, and let's see what we can do for you!

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251 SW 3rd St, Pendleton, OR 97801


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